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     It was founded in 1983. In the twenty years of its history it has engaged itself especially with the teaching as well as the research into Hellenic Dancing.

     It presents dances, music and traditional customs from different districts of Greece, with their own special local character. Each one in performances with groups of 50 dancers who have been taught by experts and practice continuoysly. At "firka theatre" in the old town of Hania, it has given up to 300 performances up to the present day and 50.000 spectators have watched.

     Our association invites dancers and musicians from different regions of Greece, as well as from abroad (the Minoic dancers of America, the Norwegian group FROY, the Folklore Association of Cyprus etc.) for the exchange of ideas and enrichement of performances.

     It has on show 200 costumes from different districts of Greece, authentic or exact copies made with the traditional skill. It functioned in the past and will restart a workshop for the preservation and restoration of costumes.

     It gives lessons in Greek dancers, traditional Cretan Musical instruments and cretan traditional songs called RIZITIKA in two large halls which belong to our association, at Constantinoupolews 39 and Papanastasiou 178, daily. Today 600 pupils follow our dance lessons given by our dancing instructor and other experienced dancers from our association.

     It does research programmes on written record, studies and presentation of customs and traditions (Klidonas 1986, a custom based on the belief of fortune telling to young unmarried people who have to draw a lot out of a jar of water taken from a well midnight to see who they will marry, Apokries 1988, carnival traditions and beliefs, Pashalina 1990, Easter customs and traditions etc.) and it keeps records on films as well as written records.

     It teaches the art of traditional dancing in foreign countries (Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium) and represents our country in many international festival, winning prizes and praised highly (America, Finland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, England etc.).


TRADITION FOLKLORE ASSOCIATION OF HANIA Konstantinoupoleos 39 street papanastasiou 178 street tel. 30-28210-92881 , 30-28210-51707 Hania cell +306946335881

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